Disc-Blade Sharpener from GreenMech

British woodchipper manufacturer GreenMech have introduced its own disc-blade Sharpener for users to quickly sharpen their GreenMech blades and minimise machinery downtime. Being non product specific, the unit will be of particular interest to hire companies and contractors with multi-machines in their portfolios.

Commenting on the introduction of the sharpening unit Sales Director Martin Lucas said, “This is a great add-on to have in the GreenMech range. Giving users the autonomy to sharpen their own blades as and when it’s required speeds up the sharpening process for the customer whilst also improving the efficiency of the chipper, helping it to perform at its best.” For those who wish to return their blades to the manufacturer, GreenMech will continue to offer their factory disc-blade sharpening service.

Introduced in 1995, GreenMech’s unique disc-blade system already offers significant cost-savings over conventional straight chipper blades. In operation, only 30% of the disc-blades circumference comes into contact with the woody material. This means that when these edges become worn or damaged by contaminates, the blades can be turned to the next sharp section, before the need to sharpen. This equates to 600% more blade life and up to 150 hours of chipping before requiring re-sharpening.

These pioneering round blades are now the preferred choice with many contractors and come fitted as standard on all GreenMech hydraulic chippers.

GreenMech is a British-based manufacturer, supplying the global market with high quality, chippers and shredders for the consumer and professional user. They design, test, manufacture and distribute machines and back-up all their products through an integrated dealer network. They develop new innovative ideas to enhance performance in the field and continually evaluate how they can make our developments even better.