Hollins Farm 10k Tree challenge

An ambitious scheme to plant 10,000 native trees – one for every family in nearby Kendal – has been completed at a South Lakes holiday park, Hollins Farm.

The last of the mixed saplings, a silver birch, was placed in the soil in April at the popular camping and caravanning park near Silverdale.

Now the owners, the Holgates Group, say they hope parents will use Hollins Farm as an “outdoor classroom” to help youngsters learn about the fascinating ecosystem of trees.

The park is also a working farm which raises traditional breeds of sheep, cows and chickens, and the tree-planting project is the latest among its many environmental projects.

Last year, TV botanist David Bellamy praised Hollins Farm for encouraging youngsters to make natural discoveries and learn more about the countryside.

He awarded the park his prestigious David Bellamy Conservation Award at its top gold level, and challenged business owner Michael Holgate to take even more eco-friendly initiatives.

Michael’s response has been the massive tree-planting project which represents around one new sapling for every family living in Kendal with its 28,000 population.

“Trees are massively important components of our countryside, and have an impact on virtually every living thing, from insects and birds to mosses and wildlife,” said Michael.

A friendly and welcoming site, Hollins Farm lies in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty between two of North Lancashire’s most picturesque coastal villages, Silverdale and Arnside. It’s a simple life here, with just hens and goats for company – an ideal place to get away from it all. You can walk for miles along the coast, enjoying the dramatic views of Morecambe Bay with the towering mountains of the Lake District at the far side