Add Cashless Payment to Coin-op Equipment

These days, more and more companies are adopting cashless payments, which include credit/debit card purchases, contactless payments, mobile banking apps and digital options like Apple Pay. The UK is the 3rd highest user of cashless payments and statics point we are heading for the number one spot!

This behavioral change in consumers means that it is necessary for operators of automated devices to offer the ability to pay via cashless means. Whether it is a debit or credit card, prepaid card, or mobile payment app, consumers are showing acceptance of the cashless trend. Don’t get left behind.

If you’re an operator of coin and banknote machines in the entertainment/hospitality sector, you’ll want to implement a device that allows your customers to easily pay, and with the most convenience to them.

Nayax’s cashless payment system helps machine operators to reduce cash handling on their premises, whilst increasing revenue by enabling customers to pay by different cashless methods alongside cash, if needed. The solution decreases vandalism to equipment as well as operational costs.

Nayax lets you provide the most popular payment solutions, allowing transactions made with credit cards, debit cards, as well as mobile payments via applications like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, and other mobile payment apps

Nayax is unique in that it offers a complete, all-in-one solution. In addition to VPOS, the customer-facing payment reader system offers the option to update the device remotely, whether it be standard software updates or setting pricing. This leads to increased productivity on your part, ensuring you don’t have to travel to each individual machine.

Nayax’s can easily be fitted and connected to equipment that uses coin and note acceptors. It offers cost savings by eliminating new currency updates and cash collections, this flexibility extends to a wider range of price. The Nayax unit enables quick exact payments to be made without the need for paying change to customers. With easy integration options available for connection to old or new machines, Nayax lets you adapt to the UK’s future of cashless payments.

Electromech ECS is based in Camberley in Surrey and are a NAYAX partner. We are well equipped to support customers to make the move to encompass cashless payments. Our teams are able to provide integration support and Nayax products are available on a next business day delivery from our warehouse stock.

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