Protect your assets with SML

Well that was it – the British summer! Now we have Autum and Winter to look forward to. Like it or not, this it the time to be checking all the woodwork and metalwork on your site and making sure it is protected and looking it’s best.

The paint experts at SML Paints and Coatings have been advising park owners and maintenance staff on how to protect and tidy up their play areas, pods and decking. Eddy Fulford, one of the sales staff at SML says “It can be a bit bewildering choosing paints, especially if painting over an existing coating, but we have dealt with thousands of projects and can recommend a paint system that will give the best results depending on what you want to paint, the time you have and the equipment you want to use”.

SML are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of Jotun paints and coatings – a company from Norway that are well known in Scandinavia and the Middle East for protecting everything from oil rigs and offshore windfarms to wooden houses and lodges. In England and Wales they are less well known but in Scotland companies and individuals have been using Jotun products for years, realising that most of the products sold in UK DIY stores and trade counters just don’t have the same protection.

SML have three websites dedicated to Marine Paints, Protective Coatings and Decorative Paints and Eddy or Malcolm would be happy to talk through your project. Call SML Paints on 01285 862 132.