Durable Decking from The Composite Wood Company

Perfect for holiday parks, composite decking is much more durable than timber. It is waterproof, splinter-free and slip resistant making it the obvious choice your park.

Built to withstand anything that your guests can throw at it , composite wood from The Composite Wood Company has been time-tested with children, bicycles, barbeques, party-goers and paddling pools!

Composite decking is a timber alternative made of 60% timber content, making it strong enough to withstand stilettos. Whilst at the same time it’s slip resistant and splinter-free making it safe for children and pets.

Don’t spend the first warm weekends of spring and summer re-staining your decking areas. Composite Wood is ultra-low maintenance, it doesn’t need staining, sealing or painting – so relax there’s no hard work to do.

Installing the decking is both quick and easy with a concealed joining system. No ugly bolts to work with, just a neat flawless finish to make your customer happy.

The colour is constant throughout the entire core of the product so you can rest assure that the decking you are installing will always look as fabulous as it does on the first day.

The Composite Wood Company understands how important it is to have products supplied to your site on time to keep disruption to your park at a minimum. This is why they have recently invested heavily in a new stock warehouse which means they can have your order out to you within 48 hours of ordering.

You can have confidence in their decking because it uses 60 per cent wood in all products making them strong and resilient. But more than that, they only source this timber from timber mills which means it hasn’t been stained or mistreated.

The products are also Green Product compliant as the timber is not only recycled but the company also uses recycled plastic polymer.

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