Away Resorts first-ever UK operator to offer Any Day Arrivals all year round

Away Resorts has become the first UK holiday park operator to launch Any Day Arrivals all year round.

Any Day Arrivals offers flexibility to guests who don’t want to be restricted to the three, four and seven-day duration times, giving them the option to book in and check out on any day that they choose.

The operator trialled the new flexible booking functionality from October 2016 to 1 April, and it has proved to be so successful that Away Resorts is rolling it out across all six of its parks all year round.

The only restrictions are that guests must book for a minimum of two nights.  Away Resorts chief executive Carl Castledine said the decision to introduce the flexible booking facility all year round is in response to a growing demand to offer complete flexibility for guests keen to get away but don’t want to be confined to booking holidays within set durations.

“We trialled the Any Day Arrivals concept over a seven-month, off-peak period, and noticed a trend away from booking the traditional three, four and seven-night breaks towards more flexible durations that allowed our guests to fit in a mini break around their busy lives.

“The Any Day Arrivals functionality allows holidaymakers the chance to squeeze in a few days away without the cost or restraints of having to fit within three, four or seven-night the duration that an operator traditionally wants them too.

“I am really proud to say that Away Resorts is the only UK holiday park operator to be offering this flexibility. We like be ahead of the curve in the holiday park industry when it comes to giving our customers exactly what they want.

“Many of our guests would like the option to book on different days for different durations, particularly families with flexible work schedules who would consider a holiday break if they can arrive on a Wednesday or Thursday instead of being locked into fixed arrival dates.

“Also, with the internet providing people with the opportunity to work from home, we know that some of our guests like to head to one of our parks on a Thursday evening, and work from their lodge or caravan, which is something they can do as we have park-wide wifi at all our self-catered resorts.”

As well as leading the holiday-park pack on flexible booking, Away Resorts is also actively revolutionising holiday-park accommodation by reinventing the caravan to create a solution for the modern family: groundbreaking ‘boutique-style’ caravans.

Last year, the holiday park operator launched the Tribeca, accommodation with all of the appeal of a New York loft-house-style apartment, but with all the functionality and design effects that a modern 21st-century modern family wants.

This year, Away Resorts has launched the Rockstar accommodation. It’s the first of its type in the UK and takes its inspiration from great British rock music, paying homage to our country’s best and biggest rock legends with an interior décor that’s part country chic, part Brit-cool, and part punk.

And there’s plans in the pipeline to launch another ground-breaking holiday home later this year, so watch this space…