Cosgrove Leisure Parks UK acquire Shurland Dale Holiday Park and Ashcroft Coast Holiday Park

As of the 6th December 2018 Cosgrove Leisure Parks UK have purchased and taken over ownership of Shurland Dale and Ashcroft Coast holiday parks, two of the biggest holiday parks in Sheerness. They are delighted to be expanding their brand across Sheerness and the rest of Kent.

Cosgrove Leisure Parks UK have invested in Sheerness holiday parks in the past and seen great success in their ventures. Using tried and tested methods They expect to achieve a similar level of success on their two newly purchased parks.

“We have a great long history if investing in and developing the holiday parks we acquire and we’re excited about our plans for improving Shurland Dale and Ashcroft Coast.” – Paddy Cosgrove CEO

“We hope that by investing in these parks and applying our holiday park expertise we can draw holiday makers to the area drive tourism.” – Andy Johnstone Operations Manager

Cosgrove Leisure Parks UK would like to invite any and all readers to visit any of their five holiday parks to find out more about the exciting growth plans.

Call today to book an appointment at your nearest park: 03453403964